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AN ACT to ensure that drugs listed on Schedule I of the federal Controlled Substances Act now or in the future may not be legally possessed, received, transferred, manufactured, cultivated, trafficked, transported, or used in Montana;

Marijuana is Harmful - Seven Myths

Myth No. 1: “Marijuana is harmless and non-addictive”
Myth No. 2: “Smoked or eaten marijuana is medicine.”
Myth No. 3: “Countless people are behind bars simply for smoking marijuana.”
Myth No. 4: “The legality of alcohol and tobacco strengthen the case for legal marijuana.”
Myth No. 5: “Legal marijuana will solve the government’s budgetary problems.”
Myth No. 6:  “Portugal and Holland provide successful models of legalization.”
Myth No. 7: “Prevention, intervention, and treatment are doomed to fail—So why try?”

Montana families of all political persuasions — Democratic Party members, Republican Party members, independents, and non-affiliated moderates — find common ground in that they AGREE that illicit drugs and narcotics are bad for Montana people, bad for Montana children and bad for Montana communities. Hence Montanans do not want illegal drugs stalking our communities, robbing families of joy, and enervating individuals of health, hope and well-being.
Illegal drugs and narcotics harm anyone that uses them in so many ways:

- Serious health and medical complications including the possible loss of life..
- Loss of ambition, diminution of cognitive faculties and reasoning abilities, loss of inclination to make healthy life choices.
- Can lead to lifetime habit and addiction, which has a cascading effect of negativity throughout an individual's life, including marked deterioration of interpersonal relationships, family problems, trouble with self-reliance, employment and work stability.

This is why we should make access to illegal drugs harder to get through law enforcement initiatives, and likewise inculcate a desire in youth and adult alike to resist the temptation to abuse drugs, and just say no.

What we need to do. Take action. We need to make access to illegal drugs harder to get!

- We don't need Colorado Craziness in Montana, which have already experienced amid 2009-2012 in the State of Montana with its laissez-faire public policy failure. Hence we should take appropriate steps in order to protect our borders from transnational narcotics trafficking, and keep our families safe from the harmful consequences associated with drug abuse, including crime. 
- Addicts are often subject to shakedowns by dealers, extortion, violence, assault, threats over unpaid debts. Addicts themselves are often victimized, which is why we as a community need to rally to provide a support structure to assist the vulnerable members of our society, especially our youth.


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