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SAFEMontana Ballot Commentary  

by Steve Zabawa

Founder of the 2016 SAFEMontana proposed "NO to Illegal Drugs" I-176 Ballot Initiative and Opposing I-182 Expansion of Medical Marijuana No to Pot Shops

After 40 years of personal observation and extensive study of marijuana, opiates, cocaine, meth, heroine and other illegal drugs, I have come to the conclusion that these Federal Controlled Substance Schedule 1 illegal drugs do irreparable harm to our families, employees, fellow citizens, and particularly our youth.

In high school and college, I believed illegal drugs were harmless and a great way to party.  Forty years later, I have personally lost employees, family members, and fellow Montanans to these additive illegal drugs.  Illegal drugs take your loved ones from you in so many different ways. They “drain the ambition” and “potential” out of their users.  

Why do police forces, school districts, church organizations, businesses, hospitals, and addiction counseling centers support SAFEMontana?  Illegal drugs financially ruin and tear families apart. They destruct the human body and this lifestyle has proven to cause respiratory issues, hepatitis, brain damage, and inhibited motor skills. These are just a few of the issues… just go talk to someone who has chosen this lifestyle for 5 or 10 or 20 years or a lifetime.

Many times the user is taking the illegal drug to cope with their problems, instead of choosing healthier ways to cope, such as going to work, physical exercise, hobbies, or praying.  Life is difficult at times and as humans we need outlets to help us with our problems.  Smoking marijuana or taking other illegal drugs do not cure anything, they only “mask the problem”.   Just ask the parents of the Wyoming college student who jumped off the four stories building in Colorado in April 2014 or other unsuspecting Colorado users who ate too many marijuana candies, and ended up in the emergency room.

Medical marijuana needs to be approved by the F.D.A. and administered by pharmacists and medical doctors who have been properly trained.  KEY WORDS: measured, tested, prescribed, monitored and registered! You can’t debate this issue with someone who is on the illegal drug! The user will try to convince you that it is harmless.  They say it is not as bad as alcohol!  Two wrongs do not make a RIGHT! Please Volunteer, Donate and Vote No to I-182 No to more pot shops!  

Talk to your friends, family, and coworkers to help spread the word about SafeMontana's Opposition to I-182 Vote NO for less POT SHOPS on November 8th, 2016.

You Will Make The Difference!            

Steve Zabawa, Founder of SAFEMontana