What is the SAFEMontana Proposed Ballot Initiative Legislation? ​

The SAFEMontana Proposed Legislation establishes a state law that drugs listed on Schedule I of the federal Controlled Substances Act now or in the future would be illegal in Montana.  The law would eliminate the current disparity between federal law and state law with respect to the legal status of the possession and use of marijuana.  Unless a separate statute authorizes the receipt, transfer, manufacture, cultivation, trafficking, transportation, or use of a drug on Schedule I of the federal Controlled Substances Act, a drug listed on Schedule I would be illegal for all purposes in Montana. 

Specifically: AN ACT to ensure that drugs listed on Schedule I of the federal Controlled Substances Act now or in the future may not be legally possessed, received, transferred, manufactured, cultivated, trafficked, transported, or used in Montana.

We have a great state wide volunteer base of hundreds you can join, plus a great campaign team directing the activities. You can go to SAFEMontana.com to learn more. SafeMontana Phase I is well funded pass legislation. In Phase II, we need your help to fund a $500,000 education campaign! Please help us with a donation envelope on the table, please fill it out now with your credit card or check and turn it in to me. Thank you for your volunteer time and your money! All will make Montana the first state in the union to pull federally illegal drugs, marijuana out of it and then off to SafeUnitedStates in 2018 and 2020 to pull it out of the other 23 states it is in.

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Committed to Protecting Montana from Illegal Drugs & Narcotics.

Our Mission

Safe, Happy, Healthy, Motivated Montana Families.

A) Come Aug 28th, 2017 at 6:30 pm Billings City Council Meeting! Testify and support SafeMontana! No to pot shops on the corner! YES to Billings City Zone Change 959

B) Call your Billings City Council representative and Mayor To Vote Yes to 959!:  NO  to POT SHOPS ON OUR CORNERS!

C) Raise $500,000 for an Educational and Political Media Campaign to Stop Legalization of Marijuana in Montana.

  • Montana families and businesses do not want illegal drugs in their family, businesses, neighborhood, or schools. This is loud and clear!
  • No “Colorado Craziness” in Montana, we already experienced this in 2009-2012 in our state. Protect our Borders/Families
  • Illegal drugs harm anyone that uses them in so many ways:
  • Loss of ambition and focus on healthy life choices.
  • Increased selfishness just worried about the next fix.
  • Can lead to lifetime habit/addiction, which normally leads to the deterioration of family, business/school and spiritual relationships.
  • Medical issues....including possible loss of life.
  • We believe pain medication should be tested, measured, prescribed, monitored, and registered...not grown at home and smoked with no medical supervision. There are over 2500 registered providers (MIPPs). Montanans are now growing their own marijuana close ot your homes, schools, churches and businesses not determined and administered by trained, licensed physicians and Federally Acknowledged (FDA) Medical Studies) and in accordance with yet-to-be-created Federally Unifying laws. Help us here.