Hello I am Steve Zabawa,
Director of SafeMontana

Just to offer a brief history of our family. Twenty-three years ago my wife, Susan Sullivan and I both moved our families to Billing, Montana for new business opportunities. I pursued a career in automotive retail and my wife pursued a career in financing planning and wealth management.

We have raised seven children between the two of us and now are the proud grandparents to not one, but five grandchildren. For all these reasons, and more, our family loves Montana and Montana communities.

And we want all of our grandchildren to live in a SAFE Montana away from illegal drugs and close to our home! And we want to extend those good tidings for our family and posterity to each every family and child in Montana. They all deserve decent healthy communities to live, work and prosper in.

And the best way for safe, vibrant healthy communities to come about is for Montana to be drug-free — free of the scourge of illicit drugs, addictions, and all of the attendant social pathologies that come with it, from addiction to violent crime to domestic violence to family breakdown to societal dysfunctional.

Committed to Protecting Montana from Illegal Drugs & Narcotics.

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